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Our Process

Involvement is our mantra.

Our approach is simple. We do not invest in many different startups, but rather involve ourselves in projects we really believe in, and in which we can be helpful.

We will only ask you to fill out a form outlining the basic information about your idea. Then we will have a meeting with you to discuss your idea.

If we finally reach an agreement, one of the partners of Sidkap will become an adviser to your company, and will define the involvement needed to make your company the next success story.

Apart from getting senior advice, being part of the Sidkap network gives you great exposure in two ways: the outside world will know about you a lot easier, and the people in our companies’ network will eventually be very helpful at some point in your company┬┤s life. Because we are involved in a fairly large number of startups and initiatives, Sidkap has a big network.

Whatever your problem, be it needing beta testers, a place to stay in another city, advice about a browser bug, or a connection to a particular company, there’s a good chance someone in the network can help you.